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We are Sports Injuries Support, a team dedicated to provide the best orthotic products for sports. We specialise in orthotic insoles and offer a wide range of items that cover many different needs for our clients. We have personalized attention for all of our customers and a 24/7 phone line for consultation. Check our full catalogue for a better outlook on our products and services.

Why use orthotic insoles in practicing sports

Sports and athletic activities put the whole body under pressure. They all require physical effort, which is why they are so healthy for us. An active body is a healthy body, and all our muscles are meant to be used. Training puts all of our body to work and has lots of benefits for our health. 

When our body is overworked, however, several sorts of injuries can occur. Some of them are accidental, like twisting your ankle or having a bad fall. Others, unlike, are caused by the incorrect use of our muscles and the unbalanced structure of our skeleton.

Many people have postural issues and most of them don’t know it. These issues alone can cause pain and other health problems, but this intensifies when the body is excersised, because more work is demanded form a poor base structure. If the root problem is big enough, sports can actually be harmful to the body.

Correct your feet and overall posture with orthotic insoles

We offer a wide range of orthotic insoles that serve to different purposes. Correcting your body posture is only one of many whays in which these products can help you. Here is a quick review of some of the orthotic insoles that we offer. Remember to talk to your physiotherapist to find out which one will be the best for you.

Ultra-slim insole

This is a basic that every sportspeople should consider. This ultra-slim, invisible insole is placed inside your training shoes or everyday shoes to optimize the posture of your feet. It corrects the foot arch, prevents leg and back pain, and improves the overall body posture. They can be placed on top of your shoes’ insole or replace them. Use them in everyday life for better results.

Gel insole

This soft insole is perfect for sole pain and plantar fasciitis. It cushions the feet in the places where they support the more weight. The bags and channels of gel are designed for the best dynamics under your feet; they will flow exactly where you need them to be. Also, use these insoles if you need to stand for long hours. 

Blood flow insole

These special insoles are designed to increase and improve the blood flow of your feet. You should use them with medical advice. Prevent varices and varicose veins with these soft insoles. The irregular surface is perfect to stimmulate the flow in the blood vessels of your feet. When you walk, the movement will cause said effect on your soles for a better result. 

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